'New Moon,' 'Watchmen' Among Our Favorite 2009 Trailers

'The Hangover,' 'Where the Wild Things Are' previews also left us wanting more.

As the year comes to a close, the MTV Movies team has begun to look back at the cinematic year that was 2009. While we pick our favorite films and performances and talk to the brightest lights in Hollywood about which movies moved them this year, we also can't forget what often gets us most excited about a film: the trailer. From the superheroes of "Watchmen" to the supernatural creatures of "The Wolfman," here are our favorite trailers of the year.


Zack Snyder's adaptation of the most celebrated graphic novel ever was possibly the most divisive film of the year — "Perfection!" some cried. "Abomination!" others countered — but everyone had to agree this trailer was pure badassery. Was there a cooler shot in 2009 than the Comedian flying in slo-mo through a window? The trailer gave us that gem and so many more. Dr. Manhattan, in all his massive, blue, glowing glory, plowing his way through the war-torn fields of Vietnam. Rorschach's damaged-soul growl. Fight scenes and war machines and visual effects galore. The trailer did what the best trailers are meant to: It piqued your interest without revealing all.

"New Moon"

No list could leave out the second of the "Twilight" films. This trailer made clear that "New Moon" was bigger, slicker-looking and packed with more action, yet delivered on the supernatural romance plotlines that have drawn so many fans to the page and the screen. We got Kristen Stewart's Bella with a broken heart, Taylor Lautner's Jacob with his shirt off and — hey, why not? — Robert Pattinson's Edward with his shirt off too. Is it any surprise the movie has grossed $483 million worldwide in only two weeks in theaters?

"The Wolfman"

While we felt the first "Wolfman" trailer revealed too much, the second one is masterful: dark, sexy, scary, teasing, intriguing. The trailer makes it clear that this is not the usual tepid supernatural fair but a character-driven story that emphasizes traditional makeup effects as much as it does fancy-pants CGI work. Benicio Del Toro + Anthony Hopkins + Emily Blunt + werewolves = a movie that has us super-excited about cinema in 2010.

"Where the Wild Things Are"

Featuring the lullaby-esque score from Karen O, the trailer begins with a focus on young Max's dreary suburban life, only to reveal that he's been narrating this tale to a hulking, furry Wild Thing. Very cool! "I have no plans to eat anybody!" he declares, and the wild rumpus starts. The trailer perfectly captures the child-like exuberance and dreamlike landscape of the movie. After this, who wouldn't want to take a trip to where the Wild Things make their home?

"The Hangover"

You want to know how "The Hangover" became the highest-grossing R-rated comedy ever? Much credit is owed to this gut-busting trailer, with its passing images of tigers, missing babies, stun guns and Zach Galifianakis in tighty-whities — all set to the rousing theme of T.I. and Rihanna's "Live Your Life." When you can make a Holocaust joke and hit a baby in the face with a car door in a trailer — and make both things funny — you know the movie is going to be awesome. And awesome it was.

"Shutter Island"

Martin Scorsese's latest was originally slated to hit theaters in the fall, but it was pushed to 2010. We were bummed. The trailer gave us a look at one seriously messed-up mental institution and hinted things would only get worse once Leonardo DiCaprio arrives on the scene. He gives over his handgun, and you just know he's gonna regret that decision soon. A psychological, hallucinatory thriller that has us both stumped and pumped-up, "Shutter Island" left us dying to know how Leo intends to extract himself from this freaky pickle. The answer will arrive with the film in February.

"Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus"

The title says it all. How much can we really add? A shark chomping on the Golden Gate Bridge, an octopus swatting a fighter jet and Deborah freaking Gibson!. This sucker was a magical straight-to-DVD concoction of schlocky greatness. Absurd in concept, cheesy in execution, and all together fantastic.

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