More Eminem Songs, 'Hell Breaks Loose' And 'Drop The Bomb On 'Em,' Leak

Tracks are from Relapse: Refill, due December 21.

After "Buffalo Bill" and "Elevator" leaked Thursday, more records from Eminem's Relapse: Refill have hit the Web. The first record features [artist id="1061"]Dr. Dre[/artist] and is called "Hell Breaks Loose."

The track starts with [artist id="502642"]Em[/artist] telling listeners he wants the fans jumping and their fists pumping in the air.

"This is when sh-- hits the fan like it just splattered on Stan," Dre raps to commence his verse. "This is the only moment that matters/ Your homie rolling with Mathers."

"So do what we say at once," the Doc raps later. "This song is like a séance, it haunts."

"It makes them stay in a trance/ No choice, they have to dance," Em comes in.

"It's like the playoffs, just making sure we stay in the hunt," Dre continues before ending the verse with a Down South bounce flow. The duo go back and forth on the third verse as well. The beat has a maniacal funk to it and shows Em switching cadences and flows.

"Drop the Bomb on 'Em" stays in G-Funk mode. Em hurls battle raps early and frequently.

"I'm hard as Kenard, the little boy that shot Omar up in 'The Wire,' " he raps. "Tie a wh--- up with barbwire in nothing but her bra, boy/ I'm the real deal ... / I'm a problem for ya, boy/ You think you're Tom Sawyer until I pull ya out the f---in' storybook and stomp on ya/ Them lyrics you wield equals zero to a hero's shield."

Em goes on to concede that his competition might be "fresher than most," but he's "doper than all."

Em's final declaration is that the Shady/Aftermath ship will never sink.

Relapse: Refill drops December 21.