More Eminem Songs, ‘Hell Breaks Loose’ And ‘Drop The Bomb On ‘Em,’ Leak

Tracks are from Relapse: Refill, due December 21.

After “Buffalo Bill” and “Elevator” leaked Thursday, more records from Eminem’s Relapse: Refill have hit the Web. The first record features [artist id=”1061″]Dr. Dre[/artist] and is called “Hell Breaks Loose.”

The track starts with [artist id=”502642″]Em[/artist] telling listeners he wants the fans jumping and their fists pumping in the air.

“This is when sh– hits the fan like it just splattered on Stan,” Dre raps to commence his verse. “This is the only moment that matters/ Your homie rolling with Mathers.”

“So do what we say at once,” the Doc raps later. “This song is like a séance, it haunts.”

“It makes them stay in a trance/ No choice, they have to dance,” Em comes in.

“It’s like the playoffs, just making sure we stay in the hunt,” Dre continues before ending the verse with a Down South bounce flow. The duo go back and forth on the third verse as well. The beat has a maniacal funk to it and shows Em switching cadences and flows.

“Drop the Bomb on ’Em” stays in G-Funk mode. Em hurls battle raps early and frequently.

“I’m hard as Kenard, the little boy that shot Omar up in ’The Wire,’ ” he raps. “Tie a wh— up with barbwire in nothing but her bra, boy/ I’m the real deal … / I’m a problem for ya, boy/ You think you’re Tom Sawyer until I pull ya out the f—in’ storybook and stomp on ya/ Them lyrics you wield equals zero to a hero’s shield.”

Em goes on to concede that his competition might be “fresher than most,” but he’s “doper than all.”

Em’s final declaration is that the Shady/Aftermath ship will never sink.

Relapse: Refill drops December 21.

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