Lady Gaga And Producer RedOne 'Always Want To Shock People'

Even with five Grammy nominations under their belts, the duo plan to keep fans guessing.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] and RedOne definitely have a good partnership going. The singer and the songwriter/producer collaborated on some of the biggest tracks of the year, earning five Grammy nominations this week.

And, RedOne says that their musical chemistry together was pretty immediate. "To be honest, Lady Gaga was always Lady Gaga," RedOne told MTV News about the electropop chanteuse, who gave her fans credit for her Grammy nods. "From the first day I met her she was that Lady Gaga, before she had a deal or anything. I always felt like she was a star from the first day."

Gaga, who recently released eight darker, edgier new songs on The Fame Monster, has always seemed to know what she wants, but she's managed to keep everyone else guessing what her next artistic move will be. "She has a vision already in her head, and you just have to meet her, 'cause she's talented and she doesn't need any directions from anybody," he said, crediting that resolve with their good working relationship. "It was a perfect match. When we went into the studio, it was just natural."

And as Gaga's rapidly gone from relative obscurity to worldwide fame, RedOne said she hasn't changed. Working with her now is exactly the same as in their early days together. "No, she didn't change. I felt like she's big. She's a superstar now, really superstar," he said, adding that in the studio it's "just natural easy fun, no over-thinking."

As for what the two will do next, RedOne isn't sharing. He wants to make sure no one ever knows what they will do next. "That I don't want to say because you always want to shock people," he explained. "And you don't want to let people know, so that when they hear it, [they go], 'Oh my God.' "