New Eminem Songs, 'Elevator' And 'Buffalo Bill,' Hit The Net

Songs are slated for Relapse: Refill, out December 21.

Two new Eminem songs hit the Internet on Thursday (December 3), both of which are slated for his re-release of his Relapse LP, Relapse: Refill. The album comes out on December 21.

"Elevator" is a satirical look at Em's life: He raps that he can't believe his house is so big that it has an elevator in it.

"I used to sit and goof on the phone with my friend Proof," he sings on the chorus. "That if I went gold/ I'd go right through the roof/ He said, 'What if you went platinum?'/ I'd just laugh at him/ 'That's not happening/ That I can't fathom.' "

After selling millions and millions of albums, of course, Em is living like Tony Montana — well, at least in that they both have lifts in their cribs. In the song, Slim Shady also calls out some names from pop culture, as he often does.

"Sorry, Lance, Mr. Aiken and Lambert ain't gonna make it," Em raps before making an apparent slur about the two "American Idol" vets' sexuality.

Later, Em goes into battle mode, rapping: "You standing adjacent to Jason/ Leatherface, and together it makes him a bad combination."

On the track, Shady jokes about using gold toilet paper and having to walk one hour just to get from the refrigerator elsewhere in his house.

The second song from Relapse: Refill to make the rounds is "Buffalo Bill." Buff, of course, is the villain from "Silence of the Lambs" that Clarice Starling has to confer with Hannibal Lecter about.

Em's record name-drops two of his familiar subjects, Christopher Reeve and Lindsay Lohan, but dissects what's going on in the mind of the psychotic film character. The musical version of Bill isn't far from the movie version, as Slim Shady cuts and skins women and severs limbs.

Of course Em does nod his hat to Buffalo Bill on Relapse's "3 A.M.," where he quotes from the film: "She puts the lotion in the bucket/ It puts the lotion on the skin/ Or else it gets the hose again."