Kristen Stewart's 'Welcome to the Rileys' Photos Emerge

Pics give first look of 'New Moon' star as a stripper in the film premiering at Sundace.

Just as the 2010 Sundance Film Festival lineup was announced on Wednesday, brand-new stills from [movieperson id="262629"]Kristen Stewart[/movieperson]'s indie entrant, "Welcome to the Rileys," hit the Web. The pics give us our first look at the 19-year-old's next appearance on the big screen following [movie id="414921"]"New Moon."[/movie]

In the film, Stewart plays a prostitute and stripper named Mallory, who enters into the lives of a married couple (James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo) who are struggling after the death of their daughter.

"Welcome to the Rileys"

One photo shows Stewart in a string bikini top, standing next to Gandolfini in what seems like some sort of seedy room, candles burning nearby and a beaded curtain hanging in the doorway. She looks into the "Sopranos" actor's face as he averts his gaze.

Another photo shows a distressed Stewart cowering next to a bed, white sheets wrapped around her body. A third pic is a close-up of the actress kneeling and looking up as if in conversation; she wears dark eye makeup and a fingerless black glove on one hand. In another close-up Stewart again wears the bikini top as candles flicker behind her.

Shot in New Orleans earlier this year, "Rileys" will mark Stewart's third consecutive year with at least one film at Sundance, including "Adventureland" in 2009 and "What Just Happened" and "The Yellow Hankerchief" in 2008. "Rileys" director Jake Scott is best known for making music videos for bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, R.E.M. and U2. Screenwriter Ken Hixon's credits include Robert de Niro and James Franco's "City by the Sea."

Rumors floating around the Web have suggested that KStew will appear nude onscreen in "Rileys." "It's an independent movie that nobody would normally see," Stewart told WENN in August, "and now it's like, 'Oh, let's go see Bella in this stripper movie. It'll be crazy!' "

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