Smokey Robinson On Lady Gaga: 'Unique Always Has A Chance'

'Lady Gaga is so different and she has taken the world by storm,' Motown legend says at Grammy nominations event.

Over his five decades in the music business, legendary Motown singer and songwriter [artist id="15242"]Smokey Robinson[/artist] seen many artists come and go. And with a new crop of artists breaking boundaries and being nominated for the 2010 Grammy Awards — in which is [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] is a major player — Robinson, who was a host at the Grammy nominations concert on Wednesday night, said be believes they all have a shot at legendary status.

"Music is a wonderful, wonderful genre and it's a wonderful life, so everybody who is nominated has a chance to be like Jon Bon Jovi or AC/DC," Robinson told MTV News. "To have that lasting music all you've gotta do is stick to your craft and make some good music."

Gaga has never been shy about making artistic statements of any kind, even if they might not set well with everyone. She has spoken candidly about doing what feels right to her when it comes to both her songs and her image. That, Robinson said, is what will keep Gaga working in the industry for quite some time.

"I think that Lady Gaga is so different and she has taken the world by storm," he said about the five-time nominated singer, who is up for awards like Record of the Year and Song of the Year, among others. "I enjoy her music. So I think that she's unique, unique always has a chance."