LL Cool J Says Grammy Concert Will Be 'More Flavorful'

'There's great music and great artists,' MC says of 'The Grammy Nominations Concert Live! — Countdown to Music's Biggest Night.'

[artist id="932"]LL Cool J[/artist] is not only producing the show, but is also taking on hosting duties for "The Grammy Nominations Concert Live! — Countdown to Music's Biggest Night," announcing nominations in several categories for the 52nd Grammy Awards. Cool J hopes that newer artists get some love this year.

"The first thing I want to bring to the American audience is excitement about music," Cool J noted. "There's so much information out there about how the music business is in trouble. We know about the sales and everybody is having issues — but the creativity is still there. There's great music and great artists. I want people to be excited about music. Music has been good to me. When I'm in a position to produce a show where I can celebrate all the new artists of today and push them out there and give them nominations, give them publicity and love, I think it's great. Hopefully people will enjoy the show."

LL says some of this year's fine-tuning includes bringing the audience closer to the stage so they can be near their favorite artists. He hopes the audience at home will be able to feel the excitement, promising the show with have "more flavor — it'll be more flavorful."

Maxwell, the Black Eyed Peas and Sugarland are among the performers. Uncle L even hinted he may rock the mic himself.

"I'm gonna have some fun to kick it off," he teased.

Over a decade ago, LL Cool J won his first Grammy and has fond memories of that milestone.

"It was incredible. I remember a guy saying to me when I won the Grammy, 'This is your moment at the top,' " he recalled. "I remember saying, 'I don't want it to be just a moment.' I'd like to keep doing it.' It was a phenomenal feeling. Walking up there as an upstart, aspiring artist, three, four albums in. You get a Grammy, it's so exciting. You're so passionate about what you're doing — it's an incredible feeling."

"The Grammy Nominations Concert Live! — Countdown to Music's Biggest Night" will air Wednesday (December 2) at 9 p.m. on CBS.