Kristin Cavallari, Brody Jenner Predict Who Would Win 'Hills' Girlfights

All agree Cavallari would beat Audrina Patridge -- but not Jayde Nicole.

NEW YORK — [url id=""]"The Hills"[/url] is known for drama. But when Kristin Cavallari made her big return to MTV and started hanging with the show's cast, she made her presence known by not only making a play for Audrina Patridge's ex, Justin Bobby, but also her own ex, Brody Jenner — basically making enemies of both Jayde Nicole, Brody's current lady, and Audrina.

So if the ladies actually got into a fistfight, who would win? As for Kristin vs. Audrina, Brody Jenner said, "I'm gonna be very honest: Audrina would get her ass kicked!" he laughed to MTV News at the "Hills"/"City" finale event on Tuesday night.

As for Kristina vs. Jayde, he hedged, "Jayde is really tough, but so Kristin," before noting that Nicole has an advantage. "In a fight between Jayde and Kristin, if I had to put money on it, I would say Jayde. I've gotta say that she would fight to the death. Kristin would be concerned about her hair!"

Apparently, Kristin isn't too proud to agree that if she had to fight Jayde, she would definitely lose. "Well, Audrina [would not win a fight against me]," she laughed. But "I think that Jayde would win just because I'm scared of her. Like, I can talk a lot of crap, but when it comes to like throwing punches, she's pretty tough."

Also at the event, Cavallari revealed that she had to warn her dad about her girl-kiss on the show, and Whitney Port talked about her favorite moments from the season.