'City' Stars Whitney Port And Roxy Olin 'Get Along Seamlessly'

'Sometimes it comes off as us being catty or bitter,' Whitney says of their misunderstood friendship.

Whitney Port and Roxy Olin might be besties on "The City," but they definitely butted heads every once in a while. Their relationship proved that it's not always easy being roommates, co-workers and friends all at the same time.

But the girls insist that it's their ability to be honest with one another (with or without the cameras rolling) that made documenting their friendship this past season on "The City" so easy.

"Roxy and I really get along seamlessly," Whitney told MTV News at "The City" finale on Tuesday night, where the casts of "The City" and "The Hills" were hanging out. "I think that's because we're so open and honest with each other. Sometimes it comes off as us being catty or bitter or, you know, having a little bit of a feud going on. But I think that that honesty and that truth is really what our relationship thrives on, and I love having her here. ... I can't imagine being here without her."

While it sometimes seems like Roxy's larger-than-life personality intimidated Whitney on the show, Olin said Port is tougher than she appears. "I think that people get that Whitney doesn't stand up against me and that I, like, try to sabotage her in some way, and really, that's not the case," she said. "Whitney stands up for herself just fine — she does all the time."