Adam Lambert Finds His 'Strut' On Debut Album

'It's more about letting it all hang out in the spirit of self-empowerment,' singer says of track on For Your Entertainment.

[artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert[/artist] is certainly a confident performer, so when the time came to write songs for his debut LP, For Your Entertainment, he wanted to capture that confidence on record. The "Idol" runner-up sat down with judge Kara DioGuardi, and the pair decided that the best way to describe Lambert's swagger was with a single word: strut.

But as the two were writing the song, they realized that it meant so much more than that. "Like with Kara, for example, we wrote 'Strut' together with Greg Wells, and the idea of strut was actually her concept," Lambert told MTV News. "I told him I wanted to do a song that was real glam-rock."

After a few spins of Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll Part 2," the trio came up with Lambert's tune. "So that was kind of the inspiration," he explained. "Kara listened to it and was like, 'I can see you kind of strutting across the stage.' I said, 'It can't be so literal.' It's more about letting it all hang out in the spirit of self-empowerment and feeling sexy and when you're able to do that and you actually let loose, that's when you find your happiness. That's when you find love."

Lambert, who co-wrote four songs on the album, based a lot of song ideas on the music that was presented to him by his collaborators. "A lot of how it worked was that the song had already been started. The chord progression had already begun or the beat had already begun and, so, based on the vibe I would kind of start going, 'What does this make me think of?' and an idea would come up," he said. "I worked with other writers. I work best in a team, kind of throwing the ball back and forth."

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