'City' Finale: Whitney And Olivia Reach Career Crossroads

While Bergdorf didn't pick up Whit's line, boss Kelly Cutrone offers her another fashion opportunity.

Make-it-or-break-it career moments, for Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo, were the focus during Tuesday's (December 1) finale of [url id="http://www.mtv.com/shows/the-city/series.jhtml"]"The City."[/url]

The episode opened with Kelly delivering some big news to Whitney. After sending Whitney's look book to buyers at Bergdorf Goodman, the People's Revolution boss lined up a presentation for the fledgling designer with the department store's buyers. But Kelly suggested Whitney's friend and co-worker Roxy Olin not tag along, recalling her previous Bergdorf faux pas when she encouraged Whitney to present a half-finished line. Hearing that she was not welcome at the presentation, Roxy unwisely confronted volatile boss Kelly Cutrone.

"You told her that I shouldn't go with her, right?" Roxy asked Kelly. "But I work really hard. Why wouldn't you want me to participate?"

"I think she should have a trained salesperson there," Kelly replied curtly.

"It's confusing to me when I see you doing something, and it's a quality that I have," Roxy countered to the equally outspoken Cutrone. "And that's the thing that you're punishing me for."

"If she wants you to go, f---ing go with her," Kelly finally relented. But for all her posturing, Kelly ended up being the one to back out, calling Whitney at the last minute to say she wouldn't be able to make it to the presentation. Whitney and Roxy were left to field criticism for odd fabric choices and wonky hemlines. "I'm learning," was the only response Whitney could muster.

Meanwhile, Olivia was in the midst of preparing for creative director Joe Zee's Elle magazine segment on the "Today" show. Minutes before taping, Olivia realized publicist Erin had replaced all of her pulls with other items, leaving Olivia clueless as to designer names and price points when Joe asked right before going live on air. Joe obviously stumbled when hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb enquired about prices, finally settling on an under-$100 price range.

Joe later tried to get to the bottom of the switch-up, consulting Erin backstage.

"Joe, she needs to be gone," Erin replied. "I'm serious. She didn't know any of the prices or the designers. She needs to be fired. This is it." But as expected, when Joe confronted Olivia, she threw the blame back at Erin. When they arrived at the office, both women decided they could no longer work together. "I can't work with her anymore. It's her or me," Erin said.

Back at People's Revolution, Kelly had more big news for Whitney. The Bergdorf buyers didn't reach a decision about Whitney's line, largely because the 10 pieces she showed weren't enough to judge her vision by, so Kelly offered Whitney a slot in a designer's spotlight to show her full line at Bryant Park.

"It's a huge risk. It could be a disaster," Kelly warned. "On the other hand, it could be what you need."