'Hills' Star Stephanie Pratt Isn't On Team Jacob: 'Get Out Of Here, Werewolf!'

'Jacob really needed to leave Bella alone,' she says of 'New Moon.'

HOLLYWOOD — One interesting thing about the "Twilight" pop-culture explosion has to be the random celebrity fans who have come out of the woodwork over the past few months, professing their love for all things Stephenie Meyer. From Tokio Hotel and Timbaland to 50 Cent and Ryan Reynolds, some unusual people have revealed their love for ab-tastic vampires.

Recently, we caught up with the one-and-only Stephanie Pratt — younger sister of Spencer and sister-in-law of Heidi — and according to the "Hills" star, she's as hard-core as any novel-wielding 19-year-old.

" 'New Moon,' I'm obsessed!" she said of the blockbuster and the "Twilight" novels. "I've read all the books. ... I cried the hardest [reading] 'New Moon' ... 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse,' but 'Twilight' was so good too!"

What was it that made her cry? "The birthday party," she said. "They throw [Bella] a birthday party, and I was crying tears of joy, and then Jasper tries to kill her, and I was crying tears of sorrow. I mean, it was nonstop emotions. Jacob really needed to leave Bella alone. She was trying to commit suicide the whole book, because she missed Edward so much, and that is the most touching love story I've ever heard."

Pratt said Taylor Lautner's character should be ashamed of himself for making moves on the despondent Bella Swan. "Get out of here, werewolf!" she laughed.

The reality star is such a fan, in fact, that she even recently dressed as a member of Forks' first family. "I was Rosalie Cullen for Halloween," Stephanie said of her costume, based on the Nikki Reed character described in the novels as the most beautiful woman imaginable. "I could probably talk about [the costume] for hours. A site called VampFangs.com made an awesome mold of fangs, then I wore a Team Cullen baseball hat and a Team Cullen T-Shirt. I was her playing baseball, remember in 'Twilight'? Yeah."

As for Stephanie's reasoning for choosing Rosalie over Alice, Bella, Victoria or another female character, the blonde had an easy answer. "I didn't want to wear a wig," she laughed. "They are itchy!"

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