Exclusive: R. Kelly Talks About The Making Of Untitled

'It all came off,' he says of album's collaborations with Tyrese, Robin Thicke and The-Dream.

CHICAGO — On Tuesday (December 1), [artist id="10489"]R. Kelly[/artist] dropped his first album in two years, Untitled, and he's still coming with those eyebrow-raising lyrics.

"See, I'm a player, so, man, I ain't trying to take her on no dates/ But much like Patrón man, I'm just trying to take it straight," he sings on the album's last track, "Pregnant." "Until I met this girl in the club with an unbelievable booty/ Sweetest girl in the world to me, and on top of that she's a cutie/ If I had a girl, she'd be the one to bear my child."

[artist id="500995"]Tyrese[/artist], [artist id="1356440"]Robin Thicke[/artist] and [artist id="2801312"]The-Dream[/artist] are all featured on the song.

"The track came to me from Tyrese, my little brother," Kelly said. "Immediately I loved it so much, I went into the studio right away and I put the track up. [I] began to write, 'Girl, you make me wanna get you pregnant.' It felt good immediately. I wanted to send the hook back to him. I knew he'd love the hook. But I said, 'Nah, let me do a verse.' I start hearing the verse. I said, 'I'm gonna do the hook and verse.' "

Kells had a self-imposed 20-minute time limit to write and record his part for the record, and said he finished in just about 22 minutes. He then e-mailed Tyrese, who was in a separate studio, what he'd just done.

"They was in the studio snappin'! I think Chris Brown was in the studio," he continued. "I heard them snapping on the phone. Tyrese said, 'Hey, cuz, write your cuz a verse.' We started laughing. I was kinda hating because I thought I wrote his verse better than I wrote mine — but it's all good. That's my boy. I sent it to him, he did his verse. I started saying, 'Man, I can make this the new "Secret Garden."' I wrote a verse for Robin Thicke, sent it to him — he loved it, did it. Dream is a hell of a writer, so I didn't want to even get into writing Dream's verse. I wanted Dream to be Dream. Got [the track] to Tyrese, Tyrese got it to Dream. It all came off."

Another track, "I Love the DJ," goes the pop route, and over thumping bass Kells finds himself smitten with a female record-spinner. "Be My #2" takes it back to the disco era, with R. telling his side chick to play her position because she could never take wifey's place. "Religious" is a vintage Kelly ballad about the greatness in a relationship.

"It's talking about a man who's complimenting his girl in such a street way. Such a street way," he explained.

"Kinda like the R. in R&B, you's a big deal/ Because of you, girl, I repent and change my thuggish ways/ Got a n---a waking up extra early on Sunday/ And you're always praying for me/ That's why I say, there's something religious about you," he continues on the chorus. "There's something church about you."

"The man doesn't necessarily go to church, but he's got a girl that goes to church and she cleans the house and she does things that his mother would do," Kelly said about the song's theme. "His mother was so religious she went to church all the time. This girl has got this man to having second thoughts about running the streets. She's got him thinking. His pastor didn't do it. The people that love him, that want him out of these streets, didn't do it for him — but this girl has got him thinking about coming out of the streets, stopping the violence, the gang-banging, other things he's doing. This girl reads the Bible, she goes to church on Sunday, sometimes on Wednesday. She's really got love for God and she's hanging in there with him trying to pray him on in. It's starting to touch him and give him second thoughts. 'Maybe I ought to go on and go this way.' "

Kelly is currently on his Ladies Make Some Noise Tour. "I feel that thousands of people that are before me agree with me," he said of the audiences at his shows. "It's wonderful to be out on tour right now."