Snoop Dogg Aims To 'Take Over' With I Wanna Rock Mixtape

Snoop is also dropping his Malice N Wonderland album December 8, in Mixtape Daily.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Mixtape: I Wanna Rock

Headliner: Snoop Dogg

Co-Stars: DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Skee and DJ Scream

We Can't Stop Playing: "Blasten!!," "Protocall" and "Gangsta's Life" (featuring Nipsey Hussle)

Essential Info: Snoop Dogg had a marketing epiphany while playing one of his favorite video games.

"N---as playing 'Madden' right now," he said in his West Coast lair while talking about his latest street CD, I Wanna Rock. "The mixtape is banging. I need to get my mixtape on 'Madden 10' next time."

Snoop is doubling up in December. He's giving a free doggy bag of music with his new mixtape (hosted and mixed by DJs Skee, Whoo Kid and Scream) that just dropped, and on December 8, he's putting out Malice N Wonderland, an official LP.

" 'I Wanna Rock,' this sh-- right here is banging," Snoop said of the tape's title track. "It's smoking. Produced by my homie Scoop DeVille. Snoop Dogg acting a fool on this one. It's at about 100 spins already [on radio]. Then we have 'Upside Down' — Snoop featuring Problem and Nipsey Hussle. Two west-side riders from the West Coast. They going hard in the yard, going hard in the paint, doing their thing. 'The Cure,' produced by Scoop DeVille. Whoo Kid, I know you love this one right here. It has that old-school, 'if there's a cure for this, I don't want it, I don't need it' [vibe]. I'm finnin' to take over with this I Wanna Rock mixtape."

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