Adam Lambert Makes A Bid For ‘Eclipse’ Soundtrack

'Suburban Decay' didn't make it onto his album, but Lambert thinks it would fit the 'Twilight' sequel.

[artist id=”3188063″]Adam Lambert[/artist]’s “Time for Miracles” has already been featured on the soundtrack for “2012.” But the “American Idol” runner-up is already thinking about having a song accompany another potential blockbuster: [movie id=”420622″]”The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”[/movie]

Lambert thinks “Suburban Decay,” a track produced by Rob Cavallo that didn’t make it onto For Your Entertainment, should find a new home on the June 2010 movie’s soundtrack.

“It’s a great song and I hope to perform it someday, and I think it will find a home, on a soundtrack or something … maybe ’Twilight,’ ” he told MTV News. “It just didn’t quite fit [in my album]. It’s very theatrical. … It’s very campy, and it was just a bit too campy for the album as a big picture.”

Although the vibe was all wrong for his album, it might be perfect to score the intensifying love triangle between Bella, Jacob and Edward. “Hey, ’Eclipse’ … Want my song? It’s kind of about vampires,” he offered, noting a verse about “bloodlust.”

“Voodoo” is another song that fans heard about earlier this year but didn’t make the cut for Lambert’s major-label debut. “Again because we only had so many tracks — that’s one I do wish we got on the album,” he said. “But I didn’t want to get rid of any of the other ones. I believe in all the songs. It’s real sexy, kind of vibey dark disco … more industrial.”

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