Ryan Reynolds Reveals What's 'Interesting' To Him About 'Green Lantern'

'The moments that you remember ... are the moments where the guy's not in the suit,' he tells MTV News.

When it comes to the upcoming adaptation of "Green Lantern," [movieperson id="198645"]Ryan Reynolds[/movieperson] has joked that studio execs are following him around with a dart gun, lest he spill any details about plans to bring the comic book character to the big screen.

Yet Reynolds threw caution to the wind in a recent chat with MTV News, revealing exclusive details about all aspects of the production. In the coming days, we'll be rolling out a ton of this content. To begin, Reynolds discussed why he decided to sign on to the franchise and what he finds most intriguing about the story as he gears up to become the power-ring-possessing hero.

Using [movieperson id="17609"]Robert Downey Jr.[/movieperson] and [movie id="302714"]"Iron Man"[/movie] as a touchstone, Reynolds told us what's most exciting about the movie is not when the character becomes Green Lantern, but those scenes in which the audience sees him as alter ego Hal Jordan. "I think you walk away from this first film, and the moments that you remember and the moments that mean so much to you, not unlike 'Iron Man,' are the moments where the guy's not in the suit," he said.

Yet Reynolds understands that accomplishing that task — which worked so well for the $318 million-grossing "Iron Man" — is complicated and remains the big challenge for "Green Lantern" filmmakers. "That to me is the tough thing to get right," he explained. "And that's something that they did get right [in 'Iron Man']. You see why this guy's in the suit, and that's what's interesting to me. Not that he is in the suit, but why."

Still set to shoot in New Orleans next year, the film will definitely be an origin story about how Jordan became the Green Lantern. Yet Reynolds stopped short of fully embracing the origin-story label. "It is to a certain degree, but it's not a labored origin story, where the movie [truly] begins in the third act," he clarified. "The movie starts when it starts. We find out Hal is the guy fairly early on, and the adventure begins."

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