Adam Lambert Says New Video Is 'Not Quite As Graphic' As AMA Performance

'There was stuff in the performance of ['For Your Entertainment'] that was probably edited out,' he tells MTV News.

On Friday, two days before his boundary-pushing performance at the American Music Awards, [artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert[/artist] told MTV News that the planned act would be a stylistic extension of his "For Your Entertainment" music video.

"It's really sexy," he said, mentioning that the band from the AMAs is also featured in the video.

Based on the polarizing response to the performance -- with 1,500 viewers registering complaints with ABC and others defending the singer's right to artistic freedom — is it possible Lambert and his team will scale back the "sexy" in the music video?

In an interview Tuesday (November 24), just hours before the video was set to premiere, Lambert was doubtful any changes had been made. But he did admit that director Ray Kay most likely had to tone down some of the singer's antics in the edit room.

"There was stuff in the performance of the video that was probably edited out," Lambert said. "It was his artistic choice at that point, which I respected. He's a great director."

Ultimately, though, the choice to make hasty edits to the video (or to resist them) wasn't one the "American Idol" runner-up could make. "I wasn't really in full control of the editing process of the video," he said. "That was the director's vision."

So what exactly will viewers get when the video debuts? "It's kind of the same energy," Lambert said, comparing the video to the AMA performance. "The styling is similar. The choreography is similar. It's not quite as graphic. That just kind of happened. It was very impromptu."