50 Cent Ready To Battle Jay-Z: 'Let's Do It!'

Fitty responds to Jay's possible dig during American Music Awards.

50 Cent certainly can't be accused of not speaking his mind.

Late Monday, the G-Unit general phoned in to DJ Green Lantern's Sirius Satellite radio show and discussed the lukewarm early sales for his latest LP, Before I Self Destruct — and Jay-Z's possible dig at him during Sunday night's American Music Awards. During his acceptance speech, Jay said, "Men lie, women lie — numbers don't," and then burst out laughing, which many perceived as a response toward 50's recent baiting of Hov.

"He's said that before," 50 said. "I didn't really take that as disrespect. If you wanna be disrespectful, just be disrespectful. Once we start I'm not gonna stop. I'll make you aware of that, 'cause I'm not the type of guy that goes away. So if that's the kind of energy we getting ready to go into, then let's do it!"

50 also discussed his new LP, which looks poised for a lukewarm debut on the charts in its first week out — Hits Daily Double estimated that its debut-week sales will be in the range of 150-160,000. His three previous albums all easily surpassed 500,000 units sold in their first weeks, although in a much more robust album market than today's.

"For me this album is a prequel — it's full circle," 50 said. "When the energy around a project is the way this is, you can't really feel like it's a failure. Like, I look at the numbers and am like, 'What is this?' I've already assessed that the album has been out a month before its actual release period [due to an online leak, and the album's early digital release due to the leak]. So when you got that, you go, 'Well, what did you actually expect?'

"For myself, I'm asking myself, 'What did you expect, bro? Your fans got it when it was available, at the first available opportunity.' "