Shakira Talks Lil Wayne, Hip-Hop Influences On She Wolf

'I'm trying to incorporate them within my own music,' singer says of hip-hop sounds.

[artist id="504144"]Shakira[/artist] probably isn't the first name that comes to mind when you think of hip-hop. But since the Colombian pop superstar enlisted the services of Pharrell and Lil Wayne on her latest album, She Wolf, that could change.

"[I'm] starting to understand and assimilate and internalize hip-hop music and hip-hop influences, so I'm trying to incorporate them within my own music," she told MTV News. "Which is a new thing in my life, and I'm completely over the moon. I'm like a kid with a new toy. I'm playing with these new ideas."

The video for her collaboration with Lil Wayne, "Give It Up to Me," recently debuted, and while she realizes she'll never be the next Foxy Brown, Shakira explains that her use of hip-hop is just what music is about today: There are no genre rules anymore.

"I'm never going to be a hard-core hip-hop singer," she said. "I come from Colombia, but I think music today ... it's about bringing elements that belong to different universes, even though they're opposed or similar, and making them exist in this big melting pot that the world is today. The world has shrunk and we're just a big neighborhood, and it's kind of cool."

Shakira also praised the talents of her collaborator Weezy, explaining that his rhymes and work with Timbaland influenced her sound. "I absolutely adore [him]," she said. "I love his rapping and with Timbaland, it's great. It's opening up another influence for me."