Soulja Boy Tell'em Breaks Down His Three New Mixtapes

'I'm just trying to go hard,' he tells Mixtape Daily.

This Week's Main Pick

Street Kings: Soulja Boy Tell'em, DJ Neptune, DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Scream and DJ Holiday

Holding It Down For: Hip-Hop's new school

Mixtapes: Cortez (Whoo Kid and Neptune), Paranormal Activity (Scream) and DatPiff (Holiday)

Real Spit: "Twitter King," "hottest rapper alive" -- Soulja Boy Tell'em is making bold declarations. Now, a couple of months removed from his stint on tour with Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and Young Money, Mr. Tell'em has been back in the lab.

We caught up with him in L.A., where he was working on a track for Rihanna. Her team asked him for a beat, Kanye West asked him for a few beats in a separate instance, while Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane and Chris Brown have called him for guest appearances. Soulja's next album, The DeAndre Way, isn't due until 2010. In the meantime, the young gun is also keeping his name out there with three mixtapes.

"I'm just trying to go hard," he said about putting Cortez, DatPiff and Paranormal Activity out simultaneously. "I look up on, Gucci got, like, three mixtapes back to back, you know what I'm saying? I say, 'Aw, man, I gotta go in.' I came out here to L.A., just got back from doing a show overseas. I say, 'You know what? Book the whole month in the studio. We 'bout to go in. I called up all my Djs, and we doin' it. We goin' in.'

"On this mixtape, of course, I got Gucci on there a lot. ... Drake, Nicki Minaj, Trina -- I don't know, man, there's a lot of people you got to check out. But me, though, mainly, your boy S.Beezy, me myself and I. You can see me with three different styles."

Joints to Check For

» "Holiday Season" (DatPiff). "The first song, 'Holiday Season,' how that song came about, [DJ Holiday said,] 'Man, you have to say my name on the line so we can make the mixtape more personal,' " Soulja said. " 'This is the Datpiff mix with DJ Holiday out in Atlanta.' So I said, 'Man, you know what? Instead of just saying your name in a song, I'm just going to do a whole song with the "Holiday Season" [title],' because he was hittin' me up like, 'I need a "Holiday Season" drop.' I just flipped it. It came out crazy."

» "I'm So Cocky" (Cortez). "That right there, that's just self-explanatory," Soulja said. " 'I'm so cocky with it,' I'm sayin', from the style to the lyrics to my music, everything. I'm cocky, period. With these girls, with this money, when it comes to being a boss, you feel me? All that."

» "Twitter Goin' Ham" (DatPiff). "I just felt it was only right, man. I woke up one morning, I had like 1.7 million followers -- 300,000 to go before I hit 2 million. And I was like, 'Man, my Twitter go ham!' I type a message in, and my @ replies just been going stupid like a chat room. I had this crazy beat, and I was just like, 'Twitter going ham/ Twitter, Twitter, going ham.' That just kept going on over in my head as I was on Twitter on the computer, and I went in the studio and dropped it. That's one of my favorite ones."

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