Adam Lambert 'Went With The Spirit' During Controversial AMA Performance

'I just went with my instincts,' singer said on New York's Z-100 radio station.

Adam Lambert certainly had everyone buzzing after his risqué, sexually charged performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday night. The singer now admits that he may have gotten caught up in the moment when he took the stage to perform his song "For Your Entertainment."

"I just went with my instincts," he said on New York's Z-100 radio station on Tuesday morning (November 24). "I wasn't nervous. I had so much adrenaline, it did get the best of me in moments, and then in other moments, it fired me up. My favorite thing about performing is the impromptu aspect of it. If you rehearse every step and every move, it's boring. It's not raw. When you see a performer up there who just goes with it, it's more interesting."

He reiterated in the interview that his kiss with his male band member was improvised. He also explained that when he fell, he needed a way to save it so he decided to embrace the moment and do a ninja move.

Lambert admitted that ABC probably wasn't happy with his performance, but making people angry wasn't his intention. "Network television probably didn't appreciate that I went with the spirit. I respect them and I didn't want to upset anybody. That wasn't my goal," he said. "I got to be a rock star up there and I was just playing. I had great dancers up there ... a great band and we were just rocking out and feeling sexy."