Lady Gaga Brings S&M 'Bad Romance' To 'Jay Leno Show'

Singer talks about her mom and Grammy rules on Monday night's show.

On Sunday, Lady Gaga put on a glass-shattering performance at the American Music Awards, but the singer kept it low-key when she stopped by "The Jay Leno Show" on Monday night to perform and chat about her adolescent years and the Grammys.

Sporting a pair of black sunglasses and a black jacket with shoulder pads the size of her head, Lady Gaga sang "Bad Romance," the lead single off of The Fame Monster, which hit stores on Monday. Male backup dancers dressed in black suits and S&M headgear helped remove her jacket after the first chorus so she could dance more freely — maybe too freely, as her low-cut tank may have veered into wardrobe-malfunction territory on a couple of occasions.

After the performance, Leno asked Gaga about the recent news that she will be ineligible to receive a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist because her single "Just Dance" was nominated this year.

"I'll tell you the biggest reward for me has been my fans," she told the late-night host. "I truthfully don't rely on that outside validation. My fans are my family now, and really what I care about is what they think."

On Sunday, Grammy president Neil Portnow told Entertainment Weekly that the rules might be bent so that the songstress could snatch a Best New Artist nomination after all. "We change the rules frequently. We recognize that situation is not perfect, and we are looking at ways to figure it out," Portnow told the magazine.

But on Monday, an official spokeswoman for the Recording Academy told the Los Angeles Times that ballots had already been returned for the 2010 event, with nominees to be announced on December 2, and no further rule changes were expected until after the January 31 ceremony.

Even if she doesn't receive a nomination, Gaga told Leno that she will always remember the woman who initially attempted to bend the rules for her: her mom.

"I started playing out in nightclubs when I was 14," Gaga said. "My mom used to take me, and she'd be like, 'My daughter's too young to be in here, and I'm too old to be in here, but she's really, really good."