Dame Dash Laughs Off Rumors That He's Broke

Former Roc-A-Fella mogul drops latest album from the Black Keys on his new label this month.

Dame Dash isn't worried about rumors; he's just worried about how he looks in the photos that accompany the stories. "When I be in the newspaper, I just worry about what the picture looks like," he laughed. "The bigger the picture, the better. I don't even see the headline."

He chuckles when he reads about his rumored financial status — and, judging by his space that houses an art gallery, two music studios, offices for his magazine and a television studio, he seems to be doing fine.

"I have fun everyday," Dash said about his life post-Roc-A-Fella. "The problem is, I think people take themselves a little bit too serious. I'm happy to be a part of history so many different times in so many different ways. I'm from a place where you have your ups and your downs. That's not really what I'm concerned about. It don't matter. I'm Dame Dash broke, I'm Dame Dash not broke — I'm Dame Dash when I got some money. But we also know that when Dame Dash got some money, he's putting it into his businesses. I am a cake-aholic. My quality of living never really changes, ever! I've never had to sacrifice or compromise."

These days, instead of Beanie Sigel and Memphis Bleek, Dame is spending plenty of time with the likes of Mos Def and Curren$y. No more Jay-Z, but he holds no grudges. There are worst things in life than splitting up a company.

"Y'all actually seen a lot of my tragedies," Dash said. "I know what real pain feels like. Y'all seen me cry. Always, big shout out to Aaliyah. I ain't forget that. I still feel that everyday. All this other stuff, because these people wanna sell papers and say things, I don't care about that. I don't defend myself. Say what you want. I actually prefer it at times. For people to think [I'm in ruins], so I could have some fun. People be knocking my fun all the time. I wish they could have fun."

On Black Friday, Dash is putting out the next album from the Black Keys, BlakRoc. The LP features collaborations with RZA and Raekwon from the Wu-Tang Clan, Mos Def, Q-Tip and more.