'New Moon' Moviegoers Say 'Eclipse' Will Be 'Epic'

Fans of Jacob and Bella are especially excited for the third film: 'They kiss in it!'

The stars of "Twilight" can't wait for fans to see the saga's third film, "Eclipse," and with more than six months until the film is released, Twilighters are already salivating to see what happens next for Bella, Jacob and Edward on the big screen.

"I didn't know if ['New Moon'] was going to be any good, where I feel like 'Eclipse' is going to be epic," Jordana de la Cruz gushed to MTV News after catching "New Moon" on opening night. "And they kiss in it, Jacob and Bella!"

It isn't just taking the love triangle to the next level that entices fans, but also the book's whirlwind ending.

"I've always been excited for 'Eclipse,' because that's my favorite book, but now that the whole cliffhanger is out there, definitely, I'd say a lot of people really want to see it," Habiba Tinubu said.

Twilighters agreed that with each film, the franchise keeps stepping up its game, so that means tons of excitement is also bubbling up for "Breaking Dawn," the final book in the series. "[I'm excited for] 'Breaking Dawn' because this movie also anticipates you for 'Breaking Dawn,' " another fan said. "When you get to the ending, you're like, 'Can't wait!' "

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