Lady Gaga Gets 'Dark' On The Fame Monster

'It's yin and yang,' singer says of the mood of the first album compared to Monster.

Lady Gaga may have been obsessed with fame on her first album, The Fame, but on The Fame Monster, she's stepping back a bit. She's already achieved supreme fame and is now looking for something more — a taste of the life she had before she took over the pop world.

When she sat down to create the concept for the album, she wanted to make sure the look was darker and edgier than anything she'd done before. "I had lots of arguments with my record labels about my album covers because they were sort of classic and simple," she told MTV News. "And there's this one image of me with very dark hair, crying, and they're like, 'It's so dark and nobody's going to understand.' "

However, Gaga knew that her fans would get it. "I said, 'I don't want to do a really glamorous photo of me rubbing myself like every other blond girl.' I want my fans to see this image and say, 'I feel just like she feels." ' "

So why go from glossy blond to weeping brunette? It's simple: "It's yin and yang. It's 'This is how I feel. I feel divided. I feel a dichotomy within myself. I am ready for the future, but I mourn the past,' " she explained. "And it's a very real rite of passage — you have to let go of things. You have to mourn them like a death so that you can move on, and that's sort of what the album is about."