'New Moon' Fans Appreciate Taylor Lautner's New Physique

'Taylor definitely stole the show,' one fan says of Lautner's beefed-up frame.

The big story this weekend may not only be about how awesome "New Moon" is — there will probably be a lot of talk about Taylor Lautner's new bulked-up physique. Some fans have even said that the muscles are a game-changer, and have switched their allegiances from Team Edward to Team Jacob.

"Amazing! Let me tell you, I think that was probably the best part of the movie — seeing him half-naked the whole time," Stephanie told MTV News after catching a midnight screening of "New Moon" in New York City.

Other fans not only loved the muscles, but also Jacob's new shorter 'do in the movie. "Taylor definitely stole the show," fan Melissa gushed. "This was all about Taylor."

Cece thought that the rest of the guys in the flick should have had some quality shirtless time as well. "Amazing! I wish the rest of them were just as buff as him," she said. "I love that his shirt was off the whole time."

Many fans called the transformation surprising. "Tan and lean and warm — and meaty!" fans joked. "Very meaty. I think that's the only word that could describe him."

"You know, usually I'm not a Team Jacob person," one fan said. "But I can't even lie — he looks pretty good." Her pal added that even she is seeing Jacob in a new light. "Taylor Lautner ... he looks way better. I have a little tiny crush on him, but I'm still Team Edward."

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