Adam Lambert Promises 'Sexy' Performance At American Music Awards

'The wardrobe is amazing,' Lambert promises.

With the American Music Awards only two days away, and with everyone from [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] to [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] to [artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert[/artist] set to perform, there's bound to be multiple standout moments. So how will Lambert compete with those other superstars when performs his "glammy" single, "For Your Entertainment"? Lots of sex appeal, obviously.

"It's gonna be sexy, I think," he told MTV News about his performance on Sunday night. "The wardrobe is amazing. I'm working with 10 dancers that I'm so impressed by. I was looking for a certain sensuality — five guys, five girls and they're all incredible."

Lambert is also bringing his "For Your Entertainment" video band

on board for the performance, and said he simply loves working with them. "I also auditioned a band a couple weeks ago that I've been working with," he said. "I'm so impressed by [them] and it feels really good to be part of a team situation again. It's great because I'm back in a team environment and it reminds me of my roots in musical theater."

Occasionally, when performing, artists like to take aspects of their music videos as a basis for their live act. And fans will definitely get to see aspects of his Ray Kay-directed video for "For Your Entertainment."

It is kind of an extension of what we filmed for the music video stylistically, the fashion of it, some of the choreography choices," he said. "The band is also featured in the music video, so yeah, it's really sexy."