Robert Pattinson 'Confirms' All The Rumors About Him On 'Today' Show

'I actually come up with these rumors myself,' 'New Moon' star jokes.

Everywhere [movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson] goes, it seems if he's not talking about his abs or how much the Twilighters love him, then he's being asked about rumors that he and Kristen Stewart are dating. So instead of trying to play a game of rumor control with Matt Lauer on the "Today" show Thursday (November 19), the star decided to go along for the ride.

Lauer noted that he often sees Pattinson on the covers of entertainment magazines, and other kinds of magazines. "What are the other kinds of magazines? That's what worries me," Pattinson laughed, before Lauer clarified he meant the tabloids. Then, the two had a good-natured laugh at all the rumors.

Lauer kicked it off by wondering if the movie star has been "dating nonstop. I mean nonstop." Pattinson laughed, "Literally nonstop, yes."

Then Lauer asked, "You're dating one of your co-stars. Her name rhymes with Kristen Bluert."

"Um, ah, Kristen Bluert?" Pattinson wondered. "There was a Listan Hewitt. Yes."

Lauer went quick-fire on three other rumors: one of an engagement, another of Pattinson getting hit by a cab (that one is true) and a rumor that he had a drug overdose. All of which he jokingly said were true. ""No [none of the rumors are true]," he said. "I actually come up with these rumors myself. I'm my own press agent."

But, Pattinson did take a second to explain that he is thankful for all the attention, both good and bad, since it wasn't that long ago that he was unemployed and looking for a new career path. "It's kind of incredible. I mean, especially — literally the day before I auditioned, I was going to quit acting 'cause I never got any jobs," he said, jokingly adding, "So I guess that's not really quitting, when you're not really getting any jobs. It's just surrendering to fate."

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