Death Cab For Cutie On The 'Shirtless Dudes' In 'New Moon'

'I think they need EMTs on site for the movie' due to girls passing out, Nick Harmer says.

Death Cab for Cutie have seen "New Moon" — a benefit of recording the first single from the film's soundtrack — and they said they really liked it. But there was one thing they found sort of odd ...

"It's really good, we went to the premiere," DCFC guitarist Chris Walla said backstage at rehearsals for the 2009 mtvU Woodie Awards. "[But] there are plenty of shirtless dudes! When the shirtless-dude factor happens, it seems to me like it was done with a little 'Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.' It's like, 'OK, I'm going to take my shirt off at this moment ...' "

"I think they need to have EMTs on site for the movie — I think there will be reports of girls passing out," bassist Nick Harmer added. "In fact, it makes me a little intimidated as a man — because [a male character] has a little cut, the whole shirt comes off. And I'm thinking, is that the level of response you have to do for something like that now ? Like, 'I have a stomachache ... lemme take my shirt off!' "

But all joking aside, the guys in Death Cab say they genuinely liked "New Moon" — a lot. And they got a rather interesting surprise when they finally saw how their "Meet Me on the Equinox"

was used in the final cut.

"Our song is during the credits, which is right at the end of the movie," Harmer laughed.

"The scene that is attached to the song is deeply meaningful for everyone involved," Walla joked. "I believe 'secondary end-credit theme' is the technical name for where it's placed."

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