Eminem's Music Helps Wrestler Ted DiBiase Jr. Get Angry

Plus: Chamillionaire's February album features a Pimp C-produced track, in Mixtape Daily.

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You have to know the name "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. In the '80s, he rose to fame in the World Wrestling Federation as one of the greatest villains ever, flaunting his riches so openly, his stunting makes the Birdman looks shy.

Two decades later, the DiBiase name is back atop the wrestling game. DiBiase's son, Ted Jr., is part of the WWE's top faction of bad guys, the Legacy (along with third-generation former champ Randy Orton and the son of Dusty Rhodes, Cody). On Sunday, the Legacy led their team into the Survivor Series — against Miami's own MVP, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry and others — in an old-school elimination match.

In December, young DiBiase stars in "The Marine 2," the sequel to the 2005 John Cena-starring flick. DiBiase isn't taking over Cena's role; he's a whole new soldier. We all know Cena is hip-hop's number-one representative in the WWE locker room, but what do the other guys listen to?

"It depends on if Big Show has his iPod dock or Chris Jericho [has his dock]," DiBiase said. "If it's Chris Jericho, then it'll be Ozzy [Osborne]. It's all rock and roll. Then Big Show, he's got some old country, Hank Williams Jr. It varies."

DiBiase himself is more into pop and hip-hop. "I'm a fan of all music," he said. "I'm not just saying that. I like the pop music that comes out. I live in Mississippi, so I do like the country music. I'm a big fan of the Kings of Leon. I really dig their music. I work out to Eminem and stuff. He gets me going in the gym. He's got some good lyrics, and he gets me a little pissed off. That's what I need to push some weights sometime."

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Chamillionaire said he'll address the haters one last time on his new single, "Good Morning."

"This is probably my last tribute to them," Cham told us earlier this week, via phone from Houston. "For now on, man, I'mma think positive and focus on my grind, and I'm not gonna worry about y'all no more. The song, the feeling of it, makes you wanna get outta bed and go get some money."

Cham revealed that he didn't spend too much money on the clip. Just like most of his peers in the industry, the dollars are simply not there for high-budget videos anymore.

"You still gotta find a way to become creative," he said. "[Director Don Tyler] found a way to add the graphics in there and be creative. [The video] is basically showing me going through what people do in a week's time, in a morning. It's almost an exaggerated look at somebody living an entertainer's life. I wake up, I got a closet with nothing but the best shoes, I got two women in the bed, the baddest car. I'm shooting a commercial, I'm shooting a club scene in a video. I do a talk show. I do everything you can accomplish in a week's time, in a day. [The video] is subliminally saying, 'We're not worried about what haters are saying.' "

Koopa's next LP, Venom, is dropping in February. The album has been held up for more than a year, but he's gone in the lab and recorded fresh material.

"Pretty much everything is new," he said. "I got a record produced by Pimp C, featuring Pimp C. It's one of the last Pimp C songs his wife gave me. I'm putting that one out with the album. Everything is different, because the direction of the album started changing.

"I have a lot of fans that want me to put out some real raw material," he continued, describing how the LP's content switched up. "We're kinda outcasts sometimes in Texas. We got Z-Ro and Slim Thug, we just do our thing. We don't follow no trends. We don't really care about singles. We just worry about putting out jammin' albums. As I started moving along, I got a couple big records, and the label started paying more attention. Now they care. They're opening up budgets. So it started coming to a point where I didn't want to mix a lot of material that I think is really raw with stuff that's not. I had to find a good blend between commercial and street."

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