Taylor Lautner Mum On Line Leading Up To 'New Moon' Kiss

'I don't want to tell you what I'm saying,' actor says of Quileute phrase he whispers before kissing Bella.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — As any Twilighter worth their "Spunk Ransom" T-shirt knows, Jacob Black is played in the movies by 17-year-old Taylor Lautner. Jacob is a Native American from the Quileute tribe in La Push, Washington; in real life, Taylor also has some Native American blood running through his veins, courtesy of his Ottawa and Potawatomi tribe ancestry.

In a key scene from this weekend's highly anticipated sequel "New Moon," Jacob leans in to kiss Bella — but before he does, he whispers a Quileute phrase to her. So when we caught up with Jacob recently, we had to ask: What is Taylor saying in that scene?

"I don't want to tell you what I'm saying," he teased, insisting that the line of dialogue is meant to be an Easter egg that only the most hard-core "Twilight" fans will be able to crack. "That would defeat the whole purpose!"

But if fans really want to know Jacob's smooth line before he goes in for a kiss, they'd better hurry. As part of his research, Taylor has spent a good amount of time over the last two years with real-life Quileute tribe elders — and he told us that only that small handful of people would be able to properly translate.

"There is, I believe, only four people left that speak Quileute," Taylor said of the dying language. "We were able to talk to one of them. It was awesome to actually talk to her; she knows the language fluently."

If we really want to know, Taylor joked that we would have to get ourselves a DVD of "New Moon" when it comes out, track down a Quileute elder and hope they're willing to share some tribal secrets. "You might have to, Larry, or I'll just leave and you can just guess," he teased. "What do you think I said when I leaned into Bella right before I try and kiss her in the kitchen? [All I'll say] is 'Blah blah blah blah blah.' "

Obviously, I'm no Melissa Rosenberg when it comes to writing dialogue, but when I guessed that it was a romantic line that had Jacob pledging eternal love to Bella, Taylor said I was on the right track.

"I'll give you one thing: You're close," he said, flashing that trademark bright, white Taycob smile. "You're close. You're along the lines."

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