Blake Lively Says Playing Serena On 'Gossip Girl' Can Be 'Absurd'

'I'm killing someone or marrying someone, but I look like me,' actress tells Nylon of sharing her character's style.

Blake Lively might look like a girly girl, but when it comes to her style, she likes to go a little edgier with rocker accessories. But if you ask her to pinpoint just what the Lively look is, she can't really put it in words.

"I don't really know how to describe my personal style," she told Nylon for its December issue. "I love layering things. Fall is my favorite time of the year to get dressed. I really like the new craze that's happening with the darker more studded things, ripped-up things ... harder shoulder-pad sleeves. It's fun. ... I need more of those spiked bracelets. ... I [like] things that are feminine but still have an edge."

In the issue, Lively also discussed playing international party girl Serena van der Woodsen on "Gossip Girl." She said where she ends and Serena begins is a bit blurred — at least when it comes to style. "I dress just like Serena!" she said. "I own half her wardrobe, so it's far too similar to the way I dress. I feel ridiculous at times with her, because I'm, you know, killing someone or marrying someone, but I look like me. I'm like, 'Oh, this is absurd.' "

Lively also talked to the magazine about her tendency to feel a little too much, which probably helps her acting. "I feel a lot," she said. "I get really bad stomachaches all the time. So I went to a doctor, and he said, 'You're a feeler.' I take on people's pain a little too much."