Robert Pattinson On Why It's Hard To Be Robert Pattinson

The 'New Moon' star says the worst part is 'you've got to work almost every single day.'

LOS ANGELES — "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson has it pretty good these days. He's one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood. He has millions of girls (and grown women) dying just to be in the same room as him. He looks good in a suit. And he has that great head of hair.

But when the typically self-deprecating actor stopped to chat with MTV News at the Los Angeles premiere of "New Moon," where he was joined by his castmates and throngs of screaming Twilighters, he couldn't really say what is so great about being RPattz.

"The best part is ... I don't really know what to tell you," he laughed. "The worst part is you've got to work almost every single day, which is something I'm never going to get used to."

Pattinson is also trying to get used the fact that his fanbase has grown quite substantially over the last year. "It's gotten bigger," he grinned, looking at the crowd surrounding the red carpet. "I think so, especially as we travel all over the entire world. We had 20,000 people in Munich yesterday. It's kind of incredible, to have done all these cities in a week, and it's still just as intense everywhere."

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