'New Moon Revealed' Relives Robert Pattinson's 'Twilight' Surprise

Monday's MTV special shows the footage of Edward Cullen himself sneaking up on one lucky Twilighter.

Working at MTV News has a lot of cool, weird, random moments. The other day, Jennifer Love Hewitt was hanging out in our lobby whispering into her phone (presumably, a ghost was on the other end). Audrina Patridge comes here more often than the FedEx delivery guy. From Mr. T to Crispin Glover, Dennis Rodman to Jason Reitman, we've seen them all in our building.

But what could be cooler than the time Edward Cullen stopped by?

It was May 2008, and we were trying to come up with fun ideas to help get people excited for the MTV Movie Awards. Having spent so much time back then with the "Twilight" cast, and knowing that we had landed an exclusive clip of the movie, I had an idea: What if we were to surprise a die-hard fan with the clip and have it brought to her by [movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson]?

Back then, this was a fairly easy process. I made a few calls, and Rob swung by. In fact, the biggest problem was that our "Twilight" fan — a student named Laura Culpepper, who had beaten out hundreds of other applicants to be our Movie Awards guest blogger — missed her original flight. But when we called Rob's peeps and explained the situation, they just had him come by a bit later. What a laid-back dude!

The plan was simple: We'd have Laura look at a TV camera and "tape her intro" while explaining who she was, where she was from, etc. The cameraman had specific instructions that no matter how good Laura did a take, just keep asking her to do it again — faster, slower, different words, whatever.

Meanwhile, Rob walked into our lobby with no entourage, no security, no publicists. He hung out in our green room, talked to the camera and was happy to surprise Laura. In fact, he even joked that she probably wouldn't know who he was.

By now, many of you know what happened next: Rob surprised Laura, they hit it off, she caught him wearing clothes he had taken from the "Twilight" set, and they even got together again in NYC. But do you know the whole story?

We unveiled the behind-the-scenes footage from that memorable afternoon on MTV's "New Moon Revealed," which aired Monday night. Ever wonder what it would be like to hang with Edward Cullen? Or have him get down on one knee and present you with a proposal (to watch a video clip)? Sit back, click "play" and take another look — but please, keep the "OME" shrieks to a minimum, OK? After all, one of the first things we learn at MTV is you gotta play it cool around a celebrity.