Beanie Sigel Says He's Ready To Battle Jay-Z 'For The Sport'

Sigel 'hopes' Jay will respond to his and 50 Cent's 'I Go Off,' but says he'll soften his stance if he and Hov talk.

Beanie Sigel maintains he is ready to engage in a battle with Jay-Z — that is, unless he and Jigga have a heart-to-heart. On Saturday, Beans called into Shade 45 and talked to DJ Whoo Kid.

"I hope so, for the sport," Beanie told Whoo Kid about whether Jay will throw lines back at him, thus igniting a full-fledged rhyme war. "I'm ready to stretch my legs. I'm ready to jump in the ring."

On Friday, Beanie and 50 Cent put out the song "I Go Off," and although Beanie didn't directly throw lines at Hov, 50 called the Jiggaman out toward the end of the record. Last month, Beanie called out Jay in the song "What You Talkin' About (Average Cat)"

for not looking after his career; Jay responded that Beanie had failed to look after his own career: "What people choose to do when they attain success ... at some point you have to look in the mirror, and look at yourself."

"I don't think there's much a person could say about me," Beanie said when asked how a battle between him and Hova would go. "My gangster's never been on trial. At the end of the day, what can you say about a real n---a? I ain't never tell on nobody. I was never in an awkward position where I had to curb my manhood. ... Jay can rap. You can't take anything from Jay, but yo, I'm nice, cuz. I'm nice!"

Sigel also said he had an arsenal waiting should the rhyme fight commence.

"I got so many records. That's why I'm like, 'Say something — I dare you.' "

Beanie did note that he'll soften his stance if he and Jay can have a real talk and air everything out.

"I'll leave it all alone if we have a conversation," Sigel said. The last time the two saw each other face-to-face or even spoke was two years ago at the opening of the 40/40 Club in Las Vegas, according to Sigel.

In the interview, Sigel said that "I Go Off" was a song he had in the stash. In fact, the first verse of the song was originally released on a Young Chris song called "The Last Two," which also featured Freeway.

"I was gonna change it, [but my boys] was like, 'Leave it like it is. So what if the one verse is out there already? When you drop it, it's gonna be crazy,' " Beans recalled. "I was like, 'All right.' When 50 put the hook on it, that took it somewhere else."

Sigel also revealed that "I Go Off" will not be the last collaboration with him and the G-Unit chief, and that fans should expect a "second record, third, fourth, fifth, sixth."

During the 40-minute interview, Sigel also discussed his relationship with other former members of the Roc: He and Kanye do not speak; he hasn't talked to Dame Dash in a while but is willing to forgive and forget. "Whatever tainted our relationship, I could look past that and I could be cool with Dame."

And as far as Memphis Bleek is concerned, he keeps him in the same space as Jay-Z. "At the end of the day, Bleek [is] fake too. F--- outta here! I ain't trying to hear that. Bleek's got the same characteristics with his friends."

Lastly, Beans said he was not ruling out a State Property reunion if everyone could be a cohesive unit.

"If everybody gets to the page, things will go back to how they're supposed [to be], but correctly this time."