Gucci Mane Addresses T.I., Young Jeezy In 'Worst Enemy' Video

Video hits Internet a day after Gucci was sentenced to 12 months in jail for parole violation.

One day after he was sentenced to 12 months in jail for violating his probation, [artist id="1938028"]Gucci Mane[/artist]'s video for "Worst Enemy" hit the Internet. The video is for the latest single from his forthcoming — and now all-too-appropriately titled — LP, The State vs. Radric Davis.

In the clip, Gucci wears all black and performs the pensive song. Special effects of television screens show various moments from Gucci's life, such as him on the mic early in his career, and his sentencing last year

for probation violation.

"I'm my best friend and I'm my worst enemy," he raps on the record, which addresses both [artist id="1243444"]Young Jeezy[/artist] and [artist id="1225081"]T.I.[/artist] "And no one else can hurt me unless I let them/ Is you feelin' me?/ And misery loves company and I had my share of misery/ No mystery, my infamy got me in hip-hop history/ First Tupac died then Biggie died/ And it crazily impacted me."

In his verses, Gucci goes on to dole out his thoughts on his tumultuous relationship with both Tip (stemming from his T.I. dis song "What Kind of King") and the [artist id="1724450"]Snowman[/artist], with whom he's feuded for years.

"I wouldn't hurt a girl on purpose 'cause I feel they don't deserve it/ I admit my words can hurt, I dissed Tiny she didn't deserve it," he rapped, expressing remorse for his disparaging comments about T.I.'s fiancée in "What Kind of King."

"Me, Jeezy and T.I share one thing in common," Gucci adds. "Role model to young people, though at times man we still ignore it/ And y'all gonna owe respect to me and I don't like apologies/ Just dis me till you satisfied/ I swear it doesn't bother me ... Insults only show the world how y'all respecting me."

In an interview that hit the Internet Wednesday, Gucci told radio personality Miss Info that he had no more time to beef with artists.

"Growing up," he said of the song's inspiration. "Growth — musically and as a person. I feel like I owed it to my fans. There's a lot of die-hard fans that have been writing me, praying for me. I gave it to them ... What anybody else does, doesn't stop my serenity. I'm good."