'New Moon' Stars Insist Movie Will Surprise 'Twilight' Fans

'As soon as [Edward is] taken away, it's not 'Twilight' anymore,' Kristen Stewart says.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — By now, loyal Stephenie Meyer fans feel like they know every nuance of her best-selling vampire series. Every word has been recited like Shakespeare, every moment of passion recounted breathlessly, every pivotal moment re-enacted in countless YouTube videos. But with "New Moon" finally about to hit theaters, the film's stars insist that they still have a few tricks up their sleeves.

"I think it looks completely different [than they'll expect]," Robert Pattinson told us recently, insisting that director Chris Weitz has chosen a color palette (most notable in scenes involving the meadow and the confrontation in Italy) that is far more epic than fans might be used to. "I mean, just the colors and everything. It sounds really technical, but the first one had a kind-of blue tint to everything, which was to emphasize the coldness of Portland and everything.

"The colors in this are much more brown and gray, and it looks warmer than the first one," RPattz added. "I guess it's because of Jacob's introduction; I think that's what the idea was."

"The most shocking thing, for me, is the absence of Edward and the fact that it's still a movie on its own," said Kristen Stewart, explaining that there aren't many film franchises that can essentially tell its lead actor to go on vacation for a whole movie, yet still turn out so well. "I always thought that the only way I could play my part in 'Twilight' was if I was so completely behind Bella's confidence in the fact that she knows [being with Edward] is what she wants. And so, as soon as that's taken away, it's not 'Twilight' anymore.

"It's like, all of a sudden, you think for a minute that there's another story in this world that Stephenie Meyer created, and it's totally with the werewolves, and you totally believe Bella's love for Jacob," Stewart continued. "And then, just as soon as you're convinced of that, Edward gets back in the picture. It's like the most tortured love triangle."

Watching "New Moon," you can't help but feel that it's a wholly new interpretation of the world that Meyer created and Catherine Hardwicke first put on the silver screen a year ago. The cast credits Weitz with shaking things up but keeping the franchise's winning formula intact.

"The shots are a lot smoother," Pattinson said of a key difference that he noticed. "There was something about [Hardwicke's] 'Twilight,' where everything was very handheld and kind of shaky and gritty-looking. This is a lot more about smoothness and elegance."

According to Stewart, Weitz might also surprise the audience with the way he helped the saga's actors take their skills to the next level. "It was really hard to play, and thus hopefully it comes across," Stewart said of the acting in the film, which she has said was some of the toughest she's ever done.

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