J. Alexander Embraces The 'Crazy' On 'America's Next Top Model'

'I'm just competing with myself, basically,' 'Miss J' tells MTV News of trying to keep up with his fellow panelists.

In J. Alexander's new book, "Follow the Model," he looks back on his career in the fashion industry working as a model, "America's Next Top Model" judge and runway coach. So, with everything that he's accomplished, how does "Miss J" keep his career fresh? Well, he embraces the crazy.

"Look at me at panel," he said of "America's Next Top Model." "I look crazy, don't I? That's how I keep it fresh. I mean, I'm battling Nigel [Barker]'s good looks. Jay Manuel's prettiness, cause he's so pretty. And Tyra Bank's is just drag. She's just larger, larger than life. So I'm just competing with myself, basically."

(At press time, rumors were still floating around that J. Alexander would not be back as a full-time "Top Model" judge next season. Calls to his reps had not been returned to clarify his role.)

As for his book — in which Alexander dishes on everything from racism to being gay and even dishes out advice on how to have the "poise and power" that he exudes and teaches to young models — he admits he wasn't scared to tell any of his stories. And it was "Project Runway" judge Nina Garcia who helped him figure out how to write it.

"The stories I was telling, they were afraid to print. No, girl, I told the stories," he joked, adding that there might have been one or two stories that didn't make the cut. "Maybe a few things. There are a few things that we kind of thought, 'Ugh, that should have made it,' and I don't know why it didn't make it. I wanted it in my voice."