Paramore Take Us Behind The Scenes Of 'Brick By Boring Brick' Video

'It's our take on this sort-of dark fantasy world,' frontwoman Hayley Williams explains.

Last month — against the wishes of his bandmates, it should be noted — [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] bassist Jeremy Davis revealed some secrets of their upcoming "Brick by Boring Brick" video, telling MTV News the bandmembers play "characters in a fairy-tale land."

"You're giving up the whole video right now!" frontwoman Hayley Williams scolded, while the rest of the band laughed. "Fine, then. ... What happens is the prince comes and he just kisses me, and that's the end of the video."

Honestly, we didn't understand what all the fuss was about, because Paramore were more than willing to talk about the "Brick" video while they were filming it, as MTV News discovered Friday (November 14) when the band sent us some behind-the-scenes footage.

"So far, we shot all the parts with the singing ... but now we're actually shooting the real story. [Guitarist] Josh [Farro] and I are on the outside, in the real world, and you'll see he's a gravedigger. And I'm more like the storyteller. I'm narrating what's going on," Williams said. "And you're getting to see a girl; she's running away from reality and entering this fantasy land and thinks it's all hunky-dory, and it turns out not to be."

"We came up with the concept for this video in London, actually, at a diner," Farro added. "We got a lot of treatments from directors, and we thought they were all right, but we kind of were like, 'Why can't we just come up with it?' And so we did. We came up with the whole idea."

In the footage, we see Williams perched on a swing, wearing a white "Alice in Wonderland" dress while Farro digs a grave. Davis plays a knight — complete with a sweet crossbow — and drummer Zac Farro is dressed as an old-timey bank robber, right down to the striped shirt and mask. A young girl wanders through a fantastical forest, a pair of butterfly wings strapped to her back.

On The Set Of Paramore's 'Brick By Boring Brick'

If it all sounds like a slightly skewed fairy tale, well, that was precisely what Paramore had in mind.

"Some of the elements in the video are pretty obvious and more literally pulling from the lyrics, and then some of them are not. And I think it's cool because there is a very playful and sort of whimsical vibe to it, but it's also dark, and there are parts to it that are a bit twisted," Williams said. "It's our take on this sort-of dark fantasy world and how it fits into the lyrics of the song and pulling imagery straight out of the lyrics. I'm really excited for our fans to see this side of us, because we are very into videos that have a lot of artwork. We've never really done it ourselves."

The "Brick by Boring Brick" video — directed by Meiert Avis, who helmed U2's iconic "Where the Streets Have No Name" clip — will premiere next week on MTV.