Chris Brown Says 'Crawl' Isn't Just About Rihanna

Singer says song is about 'my personal situation with shorty' and 'everybody.'

In the lyrics to [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist]'s song, "Crawl," the singer not-so-subtly seems to be calling for the return of his ex-girlfriend [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist], with whom he has apparently finally split in the aftermath of his assault on her in February.

"So we'll crawl, until we can walk again," Brown sings on the tune. "Then we'll run, until we're strong enough to jump/ Then we'll fly, until there is no wind/ So let's crawl, crawl, crawl, back to love."

But Brown, who debuted the video for "Crawl" on "The Wendy Williams Show" on Friday (November 13), told MTV News that the song actually isn't just about his own relationships. He said "Crawl" is more of a universal message dedicated to moving on past any type of heartache.

"When I heard the whole concept and everything I was like,

'Yo, this is crazy,' " Brown said about the track. "So being able to express the feelings, it was like, probably one of the best [records I've done.] But it was more than me trying to do a record that meant crawl to love, crawl back to love. Meaning whether it's from your negative situations, whether it's from any problems you've dealt with, like anybody's situation. Mine being my personal situation with shorty, but for anybody, for being inspired as far it being the war or a death in the family, whether it's anything, anybody just crawl back to love.

'Cause love conquers everything. Love, at the end of the day, makes everybody happy."

Joseph Khan, who directed the song's video, predicted the visuals to "Crawl" will make as much of an impact as the song. Khan spoke to MTV News recently about the video.

"It's my first ballad with Chris, and it was easy," Khan said of "Crawl." "Again, it's another idea that he clearly had, in terms of what the genesis of the idea is. I don't even know if Chris is trying to say anything with the video. I think he just sort of, as an artist, I think Chris communicates more through what he does ... and so what he does in the video will speak for itself."