Rihanna 'Russian Roulette' Video Preview Airs On German TV

Full video airs Friday night on '20/20.'

Rihanna's music video for "Russian Roulette" doesn't premiere until Friday night on "20/20," but the singer did release a snippet of the Anthony Mandler-directed clip on a German talk show.

On Wednesday when the singer, who drops her Rated R

album on November 23, stopped by "TV Total" in Germany to chat about her new album, she also previewed about 30 seconds of the video. In it, Rihanna is imprisoned, trying to plead with an officer. Soon, the video cuts to Rihanna sitting at a table across from a man with a gun between them. There are also shots of Rihanna looking sullen and singing the eerie ballad.

The fan site RihannaDaily.com has three stills from the video showing three additional scenes. They are darker than the images in the preview clip, showing Rihanna in various stages of being shot. In one, Rihanna, in a nude-colored bikini, sits in a chair, her chest bleeding. In another, she is seen floating, with bullets piercing the water around her. The third is close-up of her underwater, shot in the neck.

Mandler recently spoke to MTV News about the music video he shot for Rihanna's "Wait Your Turn," noting that the pair wanted the singer to have "bravado" in the video. "It was the first video for the album, so obviously everyone was excited and focused on setting the tone for what's to come. Rihanna and I spoke in depth about creating a piece that was gritty, raw and more of a street video then a classic beauty piece," he explained.

"We loved the energy and bravado of early hip-hop videos that were made without a lot of resources, working more with the textures and shapes of the surroundings than trying to build and manipulate environments as we have done in the past," he continued. "I wanted to try and take everything we have done in the past and put it to the side."