Travis Barker Promises New Blink-182 Song On His Solo Record

Slash, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington also on tap for Barker's LP.

While the status of [artist id="330"]Blink-182's[/artist] much-discussed "Up All Night" — the new song they didn't play on their just-wrapped reunion tour — remains unclear, drummer [artist id="330"]Travis Barker[/artist] isn't letting that stop him from talking up another new Blink tune, one that will appear on his upcoming solo record.

"There's some stuff on my record that's not going to have a bunch of guitars, that are just straight-up hip hop records. Everything's going be real different. It's going to be really well-rounded," he told MTV News on Wednesday. "We got a new Blink song on there, I think I'm going to do something with Chester Bennington from [artist id="330"]Linkin Park[/artist]. Hopefully a guest appearance from Slash, I'm doing his big fundraiser that happens this month. I think there's going to be a collaboration with [Kanye West's touring DJ] A-Track, so it's gonna be really in all directions."

Barker didn't have many details about that new Blink tune — mostly because the band hasn't written it yet — but he's clear about one thing: The song most definitely isn't "Up All Night." Blink have other plans for that.

"No, 'Up All Night' will have its own home, and it won't be on my record. That will continue to be part of a new Blink record or will be released through or something, it's going to be a surprise," Barker said. "The new song that we record for my record is just going to be something from scratch, and just us doing our thing."

The plan, according to Barker, is to have work on his solo record completed in "January or February," and he hopes to support it with a tour. But that's a pretty loose thing. After all, he and his Blink mates are taking it easy these days, recharging from time on the road.

"We're kind of taking the rest of the year off, for everyone to finish up other stuff they have going on," Barker said. "We want to re-group next year and start getting together once a week or once every two weeks to start doing the beginning work on our record."

Of course, Barker's also been hard at work remixing tracks — he premiered his brand-new version of the Drake/ Eminem/ Kanye West/ Lil Wayne collaboration "Forever" on on Wednesday.