30 Seconds To Mars Almost Didn't Finish 'Kings And Queens' Video

Jared Leto-directed short film 'The Ride' premieres online Thursday morning.

When [artist id="1231235"]30 Seconds to Mars[/artist] sat down to talk with MTV News on Wednesday evening about their upcoming album, This Is War, they were less than 12 hours away from the premiere of their much-anticipated "Kings and Queens" video. But there was a problem: They hadn't finished editing it yet.

"I'm not quite done with it, which is sort of worrying," frontman Jared Leto laughed. "I may look slightly tired, because I've been in the editing room late, late night finishing some of the post [production]. But yeah, right now, we're still not done."

Somehow, Leto — who directed the "Queens" video under the alias of Bartholomew Cubbins — managed to finish the final cut, and at around 3:30 Thursday morning (November 12), the clip made its world premiere on 30 STM's MySpace page. Clocking in at just under nine minutes, the video is officially dubbed "The Ride," and the opening credits call it, "A Bartholomew Cubbins film inspired by the song 'Kings and Queens.' " As it follows the band and an army of extras (creatively pierced bike messengers, fire-breathing mimes, etc.) on a triumphant critical mass bike ride through Los Angeles, the clip is every bit as epic as you'd expect from Leto and Co., who have previously gone to the ends of the Earth to make great videos — er, "short films."

"We've been to the People's Republic of China and made a 14-minute-long short film [for the song 'From Yesterday']," Leto noted. "And then we went to the Arctic, and sat on top of icebergs and glaciers that were crumbling beneath our feet [in the video for 'A Beautiful Lie']. So we figured to go to another destination, it would start to be like we're working for the Travel Channel or something, so it was time to turn the camera on our hometown, to basically make a love letter to Los Angeles and to celebrate that side of the world."

Despite the long nights and days lost in the editing bay, 30 Seconds to Mars had a blast making "The Ride." But next time, perhaps someone needs to remind Leto that there are deadlines involved in these things.

"This video was actually a lot of fun to make ... it was really hard work, but we got to be home, and we showed a part of Los Angeles most people don't get to see," 30 STM guitarist Tomo Milicevic said. "And, as a director, Jared knows how to make things look really beautiful. He's got a good eye for it ... I just hope he can finish the thing now."