Shakira On She Wolf: 'I Like To Listen To My Instincts'

'I think every woman has a she wolf inside,' singer says of the title track off her new album.

[artist id="504144"]Shakira[/artist] is about to release her latest English-language effort, the sexy, quirky She Wolf, on November 23. The first single, the title track, caught fans' attention with coos and howls about a woman finding and acting on her animal instincts.

Shakira realized that putting out the unique tune was a bit of a risk, but one she knew she had to take. "I had to do it. It was an impulse and I usually like to listen to my instincts," She explained to MTV News. "So 'She Wolf' was a surprise."

The song wasn't even planned, really — it just came about after a lousy day in the studio. "I was in the studio working on another track. I was in a terrible mood one day and we started working on this idea of a track that we had," she said, explaining that "She Wolf" soon arrived. "I knew it was a little bit risqué, but I was howling and we had the song."

Having the song come to her in such a "visceral way" meant that she couldn't just discard it. "I didn't take that for granted. I think every woman has a she wolf inside. I think every person in the world has an instinctive and primal aspect," she said. "We belong to the animal kingdom, don't we? The reality there is this irrational part within that always exists and can drive us to places."

So what takes Shakira to that animal place? "Music, wine — red wine. It does make me sleepy at first and then I'm like, 'Whoa. I'm good.' By the second glass, I'm drunk."