Rihanna Releases Another Provocative Photo For 'Hard' Single Cover

Singer is shown wearing just a halter top in artwork for collaboration with Young Jeezy.

In what has become a series of provocative images, [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] is again baring herself on the cover art for her single "Hard" (featuring Young Jeezy), which will be featured on her forthcoming album, Rated R.

In the photo, posted on the fan site RihannaDaily.com,

the singer is wearing just a low-cut halter top and is posed facing a wall, with her eyes down.

On Monday, Rihanna released the artwork for her single "Wait Your Turn."

Like the artwork for her "Russian Roulette" single, she appears topless for it. And instead of the fierce, in-your-face persona she's taken on for the "Russian Roulette" photo, she seems to be cowering.

Late last month, the cover art for Rihanna's album leaked, showing the singer in a moody, contemplative pose reminiscent of outrageous 1980s avant-garde singer Grace Jones. For that photo, Rihanna is wearing a leather top and an intricate set of rings on the hand covering her right eye.

Rihanna talked about "Hard" with MTV News earlier this week: "It had such an arrogance to it, which is so far from who I am ... which is part of why I wanted to do it. It was fun. It was bragging. A lot of attitude. Young Jeezy was the perfect person for the topic of the song. Just the vibe of the song. I love, love, love his verse. He added so much more to the record."