Fergie Credits Kanye West With Making Hip-Hop 'Gay-Friendly'

'Kanye really did a great thing for hip-hop and made it very mixed and open,' Black Eyed Peas singer tells The Advocate.

Until the demise of the Fame Kills Tour, [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] had been planning to hit the road with Lady Gaga, one of the gay-friendliest pop stars out there today. So it doesn't really come out of left field to have [artist id="1234831"]Fergie[/artist] credit him, along with her cohorts in the Black Eyed Peas, for helping make the world of hip-hop a little more open to alternative lifestyles.

"They're completely gay-friendly. Are you kidding me? Look at how they dress!" she joked to The Advocate about the guys in her band. "Kanye West really did a great thing for hip-hop and made it very mixed and open."

As for her own sexuality, the singer says that although she's now married to actor Josh Duhamel, she has experimented with girls in the past. So when the time came for her to get flirty with a girl or two in the "I Gotta Feeling" video, she didn't flinch for a second. "Yes, it was [my idea to flirt with the girls]," she said. "That was fun because it was so naughty. It was a big tease, but it felt very natural."

Long before she was a pop star, Fergie got her start on a beloved children's show, "Kids Incorporated." She admits now that she made a few gay friends back then. "Oh, there were plenty on that show," she said. "But I don't want to out anyone, just in case."

Although Fergie seemed open to talking about most subjects, including her upcoming role in "Nine," the singer chose not to discuss an altercation between Peas manager Liborio "Polo" Molina and Perez Hilton in Toronto in June. She noted, though, that she was upset that night because Perez had been criticizing her music on his blog and that it had bothered her.

"When I see somebody I thought was my friend or starting to be my friend," she said, sighing, "when someone talks out of both sides of their mouth, it just makes me question their integrity."