Wale Finally Releases Debut Album, Attention Deficit

But fans on Twitter complain record isn't available at local retailers.

Tuesday marked the release of [artist id="2990927"]Wale's[/artist] debut album, Attention Deficit, and the D.C. MC has built enough of a Twitter following that he's been able to stand toe-to-toe with the release of the "Call of Duty" video game and the Twilight sequel, "New Moon", in terms of trending topics. Wale has over 100,000 followers with whom he regularly engages.

Every day millions of Twitter users tweet about a variety of topics from sports to music to current events. But every now and then, enough users jump behind a certain topic to cause it to trend, otherwise known as Trending Topics. Mixed amongst those topics Tuesday — and ranked above them in many instances — was #attentiondeficit.

Despite Wale's popularity on Twitter, his album's release has confronted some obstacles. Fans have been tweeting that their local retailers don't have the album in stock. But in terms of record sales, Wale told MTV News that the first week's numbers aren't everything.

"It's about the music and the message. It's about the impact. It's not even about the first-week numbers, it's about the impact. The fact that Twitter is going crazy about people not being able to find it — it means a lot."

Wale appreciates all the support he's receiving and said the album is like a child to him. He remembers creating many of the songs on the album when he had a 9-to-5 job, before he had a record deal. He said that his label would try to meet fan demand soon.

"I appreciate y'all supporting it. We're restocking it very soon. We're tearing it up on iTunes right now, and I appreciate it. It's not going to stop off one week. We're going to tour, we're going to keep doing it and we're going to push this thing all the way to the limit."