'Styl'D' Crew Set To Make Over Ashley Tisdale, Soulja Boy Tell'em, Others

The show promises style and a whole lot of drama in upcoming episodes.

The crew on [url id="http://www.mtv.com/shows/styld/series.jhtml"]"Styl'D"[/url] have already had their way with Kim Kardashian, and they'll also be making over the Veronicas, Ashley Tisdale, Soulja Boy Tell'em and Sean Kingston. Plus, they promise to bring a lot of their own behind-the-scenes drama to the table.

For instance, some of their favorite moments come from stylist Janna, who fell in the pool, got attacked by a dog and threw up, all in one season. And she insists that that's only the beginning. "Drama — there's gonna be tears," she explained, adding that there's also going to be some "hooking up."

Gary reiterated that the drama is bound to go down when you have a group of young stylists trying to prove they deserve the spot in the junior assistant program at the Margaret Maldonado Agency. "You're gonna see a lot of drama," he said. "You're gonna see amazing, amazing hot celebrities and you're gonna see really good fashion."

Speaking of hot celebrities, Gary added that his favorite styling moment came via the Veronicas. "I would have to say the funnest for me was the Veronicas, because they can wear anything," he explained. "And they're amazing and so cute and little and fun and forward and inspiring and great."

Although there's prime opportunity for some crossover action with the girls from "The City" and "The Hills," the crew insists it's not gonna happen. However, they would love to see one of the stars stop by. "I'd love to work with Whitney Port though," Brett revealed. "[She's] totally [the best]."