Robert Pattinson Would Love To Host ‘SNL’ — If He Could Write Episode

'That would be fun, but, I think that's kind of against the protocol,' 'Twilight' star says.

[movieperson id=”3815″]Drew Barrymore[/movieperson] was 7 years old when she first hosted “Saturday Night Live.” Macaulay Culkin was 11; Jodie Foster was 14, and Lindsay Lohan was 17. Heck, this past weekend, Taylor Swift reached an industry milestone when she hosted and appeared as a musical guest at the age of 19.

And the question Twilighters everywhere are asking — especially after last week’s hilarious “Firelight” Digital Short — is why hasn’t [movieperson id=”365131″]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson] hosted “SNL” yet?

“I don’t know what the actual details of it,” the 23-year-old British heartthrob told MTV News, acknowledging the fans’ increasingly vocal lobbying (including Web sites and petitions) for him to follow in the footsteps of everyone from Steve Martin to Justin Timberlake. “But I’m terrified of doing stuff like that.”

Although the quirky, self-deprecating RPattz has shown a knack for comic timing in “How to Be” and a willingness to do some crazy things for a laugh, he does still consider himself to be primarily a dramatic actor. Still, that’s a poor excuse, considering such well-hosted “SNL” episodes as those overseen by Oscar-worthy thespians like Ian McKellen, Forest Whitaker and Robert DeNiro. And then there were decent showings by such “stunt hosts” as Michael Phelps, LeBron James and John McCain as proof that anyone could do it with the proper coaching.

Castmembers Seth Meyers and Kristen Wiig told E! News in September that they’d love get the “Twilight” vamp on the show.

When “SNL” guru Lorne Michaels was asked about RPattz’s chances back in April, he said that the year’s hosts had already been selected. But Seth Meyers and Kristen Wiig told E! News in September that they’d love get the “Twilight” vamp on the show.

“If you’re not funny then it’s like, ’God, why did that guy do it?’ ” Pattinson said of his fears. “I mean, it’s difficult.”

Ultimately, however, RPattz said he’d be open to the idea of hosting. “It depends,” he explained. “If someone said a really funny sketch idea or something [I’d do it].”

But here’s the kicker: Pattinson, who has no formal experience behind a keyboard, revealed to us that he’d prefer to write his own material.

“I’d love to write an episode, with their [guidance],” he said. “That would be fun, but, I think that’s kind of against the protocol.”

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