Watch Robin Thicke And Jay-Z Make Magic On 'Meiple (Me I Play)'

R&B singer releases video footage of himself in the studio with Jay-Z.

In new footage featuring Robin Thicke and Jay-Z in the studio for on Thicke's track, "Meiplé (Me I Play)," the two are seen working out the perfect way for Jay to deliver his line: "Black Brigitte Bardot, Beyoncé."

Jay raps about Saint Tropez, champagne and beautiful women in the track, which is set to appear on Thicke's upcoming Sex Therapy album. In the footage, Thicke is at the boards, producing the track, as he and Jay decide Hov needs to double his voice on "Beyoncé" for a dreamier effect.

"When you say it like that, you can see how beautiful she is when she walks in the room," Thicke tells Jay. The two share high fives as everyone in the room seems to agree that they finally got it just right. The track debuted on New York's Hot 97 on Friday.

Afterwards, Jay and Thicke address the camera. "Great day's work — we did what we're supposed to do," Jay says. "We brought our lunch pails. They were Louis [Vuitton] lunch pails, but it was a lunch pail none the less. And we got in there, we did our work. We got our ebony and ivory on."

Recently, Thicke spoke to MTV News about the collaboration and said he still couldn't believe he got the Hottest MC in the Game to join him on a track.

"Working with Jay-Z [came about because] he came by the studio, and he heard the album. He was very excited," he said. "[It's] kind of like a De La Soul kind of song, but he was really excited about it. To work with him was a dream come true. It was one of the best days of my life."